Baptism within the Anglican church

Baptism is an outward symbol of forgiveness and acceptance by God of a person when they become a Christian. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the church to welcome the new Christian and to be reminded of their own profession of faith and ongoing obedience to God as they think on what God has done for them in Christ Jesus.

Within the Anglican church of Australia, Children are baptised, as an outward symbol, of what God is willing to do in them because of the Christian profession of faith in God by their parent(s) and the promises they make on behalf of their child. The focus of infant baptism is not so much on the child but on the parent(s). It’s necessary therefore, that parents are aware of the statements and promises they will be making before a date for the baptism is made. The minister will arrange a time with parents to go through these with them. Usually there are set Sundays in the year when infant Baptisms take place during Family Church 10am Sunday.

Find out more by coming to Family Church 10am Sunday and meet the minister.