Weddings at St. Andrews

Weddings are held in our beautiful church building all year round except the week leading up to and including Easter and Christmas.

They are held on Saturdays only and only one wedding is held on the day.

We have an organist who is available to play or you can provide your own appropriate music. We aim to make the day a special occasion for you, your family and friends.

At St. Andrews we hold Marriage Preparation Classes where couples meet with our clergy four times leading up to the wedding and once for a rehearsal in the week before.

We assume that by asking for your wedding at St. Andrews you desire a wedding service that is Christian in content and Anglican in form and preparation.

Both the groom and the bride need to be over 18 and not been married before.

There is no charge for weddings at St. Andrews but a donation is encouraged to contribute towards administration costs and ongoing ministry from St. Andrews. If an organist is required they will determine their fee with you.

Looking over the church is possible by turning up for church on Sunday mornings at 8:30am or 10:00am or by appointment.

For more information please contact Rev. Trevor Young (Rector) on 9529 6141.