Nov 8The king on a donkeyAndrew KyriosZechariahZechariah 9:1-17
Nov 1Are you serious?Ian CoxZechariahZechariah 7-8
Oct 25Who rules the worldAndrew KyriosZechariahZechariah 5-6
Oct 18A day of small thingsIan CoxZechariahZechariah 4
Oct 11A priest fit for the peopleIan CoxZechariahZechariah 3
Oct 4Seek the Lord while He may be foundIan CoxZechariahZechariah 1
Sep 27Fellowship among God's peoplePeter OrrPhilippiansPhilippians 4:10-23
Sep 20The peace of GodAndrew KyriosPhilippiansPhilippians 4:2-9
Sep 13Looking to the futureIan CoxPhilippiansPhilippians 3:12-4:1
Sep 6Nothing can I boast inAndrew KyriosPhilippiansPhilippians 3:1-11
Aug 30Great examples in ministryIan CoxPhilippiansPhilippians 2:19-30
Aug 16God's son-humble sacrificeIan CoxPhilippiansPhilippians 2:5-11
Aug 9God's people standing firmAndrew KyriosPhilippiansPhilippians 1:27-2:4
Aug 2Sharing God's message in all situationsAndrew KyriosPhilippiansPhilippians 1:12-26
Jul 26ConfirmationPeter LinOnline ChurchLuke 19:1-10
Jul 19Fellowship in God's workIan CoxPhilippiansPhilippians 1:1-11
Jul 12A Psalm for the thankfulAndrew KyriosOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 145
Jul 5A Psalm for comfortIan CoxOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 121
Jun 28A Psalm for the burdenedAndrew KyriosOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 77
Jun 21A Psalm for the stressedIan CoxOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 62
Jun 14A Psalm for stuff upsAndrew KyriosOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 51
Jun 7A Psalm for sad seasonsIan CoxOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 42
May 31A Psalm for break upsAndrew KyriosOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 16
May 24A Psalm for the persecutedIan CoxOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 11
May 17A Psalm for the seekerJames DavidsonOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 19
May 10A Psalm for the wiseIan CoxOnline Church-A Psalm forPsalm 1
May 3Creed: I believe in the ResurrectionDavid LakosOnline Church-Creed1 Corinthians 15:1-11 & 50-57
Apr 26Creed: I believe in the Holy Catholic ChurchIan CoxOnline Church-CreedEphesians 2:11-22
Apr 19Feed my sheepAndrew KyriosOnline Church-JohnJohn 21:1-25
Apr 12Unbelievable inconceivableIan CoxOnline Church-JohnJohn 20:1-18
Apr 10Good FridayAndrew KyriosOnline Church-JohnJohn 19:17-37
Apr 5An amazing verseIan CoxOnline Church-JohnJohn 3:16
Mar 29True testimonyAndrew KyriosOnline Church-JohnJohn 20:19-31
Mar 22I am the True VineIan CoxOnline Church-JohnJohn 15:1-8
Mar 15I am the way truth & the lifeAndrew KyriosJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 14:1-13
Mar 8I am the resurrection & the lifeIan CoxJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 11:17-37
Mar 1I am the Good shepherdIan CoxJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 10:11-21
Feb 23I am the gate for the sheepAndrew KyriosJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 10:1-10
Feb 16I am the light of the worldAndrew KyriosJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 8:12-20
Feb 9I am the bread of lifeIan CoxJohn 3:16 Mission 2020John 6:25-40
Jan 26Seeing but not persuadedAndrew KyriosPsalmsPsalm 73
Jan 19Faith in disasterIan CoxPsalmsPsalm 44
Jan 12The crown of creationIan CoxPsalmsPsalm 8
Jan 5You need the big pictureIan CoxPsalmsPsalm 2